Spring 2017

Spring is coming and it is time to plan for the gardening year ahead. For those gardeners who like to grow their own vegetables then make sure you have ordered or you have sufficient seeds for the vegetables you want to grow. What you grow will depend on the location and soil type of your garden. Some of your veg, for example broad beans  seeds can be started under cover so to get the best start for planting out in the spring.

This is also the time of year to dig your plot and then prepare the ground with compost and feed so that when you start planting your veg or flowering annuals and perennial plants have a good start in the ground.

Some veg seeds can be sown straight into the ground at this time of year, for example parsnips and early seed potatoes.

Flowering annual seeds can be sown in trays in the greenhouse with heat or if you do not have a greenhouse then maybe in seed trays on a sunny window ledge.

The pruning of soft fruit can now be done for example cutting back the fruiting canes from last year for fruit that is picked in the summer. Or if they are Autumn fruiting the old canes can be cut down to just above ground level. Also strawberry plants can now have last years old leaves and fruiting stem cut away to encourage the new growth for the summer.

There are plenty of other jobs you can be getting on with in the garden for example clearing away last years leafs and rubbish away from paved areas in the garden and to power clean these areas ready for the summer months ahead.

I hope you are are all looking forwards to a long hot summer ahead and spending time enjoying your gardens .

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